Ed Brown

A New Resistance

Ed Brown

A New Resistance

"Knowledge is power ... especially when it comes to our own health. I contributed and truly believe that A New Resistance is a must for every family to see so we stop poisoning our bodies, allowing us to live longer and healthier.”
—John Paul Dejoria

Six very long years… That’s what it took to make a single documentary about a single chemical. It affects everyone as well, and most people really don’t know anything about it, and further most people don’t care either. That mindset certainly is changing, albeit all too slowly. The chemical is called glyphosate, and it is truly the backbone chemical of our food system. How it got to that point is profound, moving, crazy, stunning, and unbelievable.  Even more compelling, somehow one company, which had a notorious track record for death and destruction across the planet, was given the keys to a majority of the system. This is almost unbelievable. But it happened. 

A NEW RESISTANCE is a feature-length documentary that we need right now, in my opinion. With COVID-19 and the variants now arising, I hope that people are paying more attention to what is going into their bodies more than they ever have been. Obviously, everyone needs to take precautions when it comes to a virus, but to understand the interplay between the virus, our genes, and the toxic chemicals we are ingesting daily is paramount to upending the virus and comparatively changing the course of its trajectory. 

If people can consider for a moment that after you consume over 40 grams of sugar, your immune system is suppressed for up to five hours. And when you realize that half of the sugar we ingest is coming from corn or sugar beets, and Americans consume over 38 pounds of high fructose corn syrup per year, it sets the stage for some serious ramifications that few, if any, are actually talking about.

My film is about the rise, and hopefully the fall of glyphosate, which is found in most GMO plants that we, or the animals products we consume, contain. We need to get ourselves tested for toxic chemicals, as well as the coronavirus, and gain a better understanding of our bodies and our approach toward a specific problem like this, and others in the future. 

The movie will debut in March of 2021, and I implore others to not just watch it but to make changes in their lives for themselves and those around them. It is my opinion, that through this, we can all create something new and perhaps even lasting, where our challenges may be more manageable in the future and a sense of community can prevail.

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Ed Brown
Writer / Filmmaker

Ed Brown is a writer, director, and producer. His award-winning debut documentary Unacceptable Levels, has screened at 28 International Film Festivals as he took on the entire toxic chemical industry. Ed is now prepared to take one specific chemical to task. A New Resistance promises to be one of the most important pieces of investigative journalism of our time, and the urgency of this project cannot be overstated.

Sean Taggart
Artist (Cover Image)

I was born of left-handed parents; I never felt right. Furthermore, how are Universal Healthcare, clean air, and clean water even political issues in the first place? Shouldn’t those just be the standards by which any society should live? Isn’t that common sense? Those issues, among others, are what I address in my art. The “ZipGun Laboratories” project is my AgitPop response to them. Normally, I just paint paintings of rage; sometimes, though, a pretty abstraction emerges under my brush.



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