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I’m Adam Ignotofsky, CEO and Founder of and a Strategy Consultant at IBM. I like to say I have two full-time roles. For the past five years at IBM, my job has been to help grow their company, but ultimately, I realized I could be doing more to help grow my community. I began looking for volunteer opportunities and fundraisers to attend locally but discovered it is incredibly challenging to find low-commitment for-impact events in our communities. I knew other people were facing the same problem, so I decided to solve this issue. And in December of 2020, we launched is a ticket marketplace that helps people easily find events that support causes they care about. Members get tickets to volunteer opportunities and events that help their community; and they track their impact automatically. 

Sign-up is free and there are no monthly subscriptions. Attending verified volunteer events and fundraisers is now as easy as getting a ticket to a concert.

Currently, Humbler is based in the New York City area and Louisville, KY with over 90+ nonprofit / community organizations. This means members can register for a volunteer opportunity or event directly through Humbler without getting redirected. We helped facilitate thousands of volunteer hours last year alone!

We at Humbler, along with our event hosts, are passionate about the Humbler platform. Hear from the CEO and Co-Founder, Nicole Desantis from the grassroots community organization, Clean Bushwick Initiative. Nicole says, ‘‘Being a part of the Humbler community that Adam has created is truly a gift. This online platform has enabled my community organization to connect with volunteers, as well as other amazing community groups and charitable organizations. I cannot say enough good things about It’s an invaluable asset to Clean Bushwick Initiative.’’

Our aim at Humbler is to help others grow their community through accessible real-life engagement. Volunteer and community events are on average only a couple of hours long with no long-term commitment requirements. This means attendees can easily find an event that incorporates well into their social calendars. These events have been a great way to meet new friends, support local organizations, and create awareness for causes that impact us all every day.

If you are interested in attending an event through you can filter by the date, cause, and location that works best for you and register in less than one minute. If you have any questions, you can always direct message the nonprofit host through Humbler or email us at

If you are a leader of a nonprofit, community, or for-impact organization and would like to post your events on Humbler you can sign up at or contact us at with any questions.

I am passionate about turning passion into action and look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

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Adam Ignotofsky

Adam Ignotofsky is the CEO and Founder of, a marketplace for people to find volunteer and fundraising events in their local community. He leverages his background in growing fortune 50 companies to now help grow communities. Adam has 7+ years of experience as a growth strategist at IBM for Life Science & IT clients. He has developed multiple billion-dollar services growth strategies currently in execution and is an advisory board member of helpNYC & Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana.