Lark Love origin story

Rainbow and Corrie are a chef and an herbalist; they are longtime friends. They were horrified to discover that although personal lubricants are applied to a woman’s most absorbent tissue, they are not anything that we’d want to put in our bodies. They decided to change that. Along the way, they realized what a taboo subject they had approached, even though vaginal dryness happens for a myriad of reasons, to nearly all women, and 65% of American women use a lubricant regularly. So, changing the stigma around this aspect of self-care became part of their mission as well. Today, Lark Love is a quickly growing, luxury botanical intimate care company that is changing the paradigm and the conversation.


“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”

-Isak Dinesen


When the moon is brightest and fullest, we are the most reminded of our sea connection. We can feel the strength of our magnetic waves, the mystical push and pull of our own magic, and of our sea water within.


Some women stay awake all night under the unwavering light of the moon, feeling the powerful connection. And in these hours, we wonder about our relationship to the oceans, to the moving waters that we grew out of many billions of years ago.


It is an astounding reminder to ourselves about our history of being one with the sea. Our body is nearly the same salinity as salt water, and that like the tides, we mark our lives and movement around the cycle of the moon. For women especially, our lives are marked by the waxing and waning of the moon. Rather than a linear existence, we travel in circles, in moon cycles like the sea surrounding us.


During the full moon, when the tides come in the strongest and furthest, it is the perfect time to feel our power as women — connected to the Earth and strengthened by our connection. Rather than planning, hoping, or dreaming, (as is wisest during the new and waxing moon,) receive the potent light of the fullest moon to be fully present and acknowledge our immense power and inherent potential.


Like the ocean herself, we are huge, boundless, and powerful in our rhythm and beautiful in our connection to one another. As owner founders of a sexual wellness company for women, at Lark Love, we beseech you readers, to feel your power and to be shame free in your body’s wonder. Feel the pride that is the same love that you feel for the sea. We are wondrous; we are glorious. Like the ocean, you deserve care, love, and awe.



Corrie Bradley is a clinical herbalist and has been formulating products in the natural space for over a decade. She has applied her knowledge of skin formulations that rejuvenate, repair, hydrate, and increase collagen and elastin production to create personal lubricants that behave on the tissue like a fancy face serum with the super slippery feel of water-based lube. She founded a personal care company, “Keep it Clean,” which gave her extensive experience in operating a product-based company and impassioned her to create a company that serves to further empower women in their body sovereignty.  

Rainbow Shultz is a chef and serial entrepreneur who has founded and operated several CPG companies. She is passionate about the importance of sourcing the highest quality ingredients and using beautiful packaging that is also eco-friendly. Rainbow has extensive experience working with distributors and understands what it takes to scale a company. As a feminist working for social justice, Rainbow enjoys creating and nurturing the conversations surrounding sexual wellness to end taboos that have silenced women for centuries.