Deb Luster


Deb Luster


You walk into a crowded room

And create a subtle shift—

A stir in your wake

A murmur melting the sleepy glazed gloom in the

eyes that follow you…

“Who is she?”

“Do I know her?


Your powerful presence reminds them of…

Something they have forgotten…a

Small sparkling memory of themselves at some time

when they were their Supreme Selves…

a nagging notion

Of the Truth.

Your honest beauty

and quiet strength are as

A crystal pebble gracefully dropped

on the Lake of Life

Creating concentric rings of Light and a

Feather whisper in their ears,


As their chins rise

And their eyes open wide,

they brush the dust from their bodies

And they even laugh.

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Deb Luster

Deborah Luster has been in the natural product industry since 1990. She loves launching new companies and product lines and has established several companies, including two publishing companies, a food packaging technology company, a food consultant company, and two nationwide food companies — CAN DO KID, Inc., which created all natural snacks and empowering products for kids and a pasta food company, Annie’s Homegrown Inc. Over the past thirty years, Ms. Luster has served on the boards and advisory boards of over twenty companies, mostly in the natural food space, as well as many non-profits, colleges, and dozens of executive boards in her community.

Chae Kihn & Erica Lansner

Chae Kihn is an artist and professional photographer renowned for her evocative documentary essays and portraits. She was born in Glasgow Scotland and immigrated with her family to the United States as a young girl. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree. While attending college she took a class in photography and film development. She fell in love with photography and never looked back. Immediately after graduation, Chae sold her car and bought a one-way ticket to South Africa where she worked for six riveting years as a human rights documentary photographer for numerous nongovernmental agencies such as Street Law, Human Rights Watch, Save The Children, Safeline, Anti-Crime Forum, The Franschoek Project. Amnesty International, the Campbell Collection, the University of the Western Cape, Institute For a Democratic Alternative, and Reuters Wire Service.



Erica Lansner is an independent photographer whose work ranges from reportage to portraiture. An award-winning photojournalist, she has traveled to more than 35 countries on assignment for leading international magazines and corporations and has documented both large and small events that have shaped the world. In 2020, Lansner covered the Black Lives Matter Movement extensively in New York.

Born and raised in New York City, in a family steeped in the world of art and journalism, Lansner has also lived in Rome, Paris, and Barcelona. Whether photographing an artist in the studio or activists on the streets of New York, Lansner is in her element when connecting with people in front of the camera.