Shalom Obimba

Art Piece



t this very moment, the people of the Congo are being abused, raped, and killed. Countless people have been murdered in this “silent holocaust,” as countries such as the U.S. and France continue to profit off of the Congo’s coltan reserves. Armed Rwandan forces, backed by these powerful countries, have been relentless in their torment of the Congolese people. It is past time to shed full light on this atrocity, and rise up to eradicate the remnants of imperialism and corruption in a broken country.

Shalom Obimba

Shalom Obimba is a sophomore at Baldwin Senior High School, who aspires to work in the medical field. She hopes to one day help lessen the disparity in healthcare between economic classes. In addition to this, Shalom also finds herself involved in the underlying issues that individuals face around the world. She finds that health and wellness are not just isolated factors but are involved in every aspect of life, and she hopes to portray this through her art. Shalom finds herself volunteering at her local hospital in her free time, ready to make a change in any way possible.