tayllor johnson


water is rising

So I can too 

From the depths of the world’s beginning 

She’s churning a song and a story on our shores 

that we’ve never heard before 

Some say she’s pleading

Others say she’s damning 

I say

            I say 

                         I say 

If she rises 

I can too

If she storms and swells and 

Sparkles on the horizon day and night 

Without asking for permission 

I can too  

If she can take my prayers at the edge of a waterfall 

And whisper her secrets at the edge of a stream 

Let me be her boulder 

Let me be her creek bed 

Let me be the cliffside she can glide on 

I say 

              I say 

                             I say 

If water is rising to the occasion to meet me 

Then I will meet her 

Both hands submerged into the clear current 

She is asking me to 


Emergency Meditation

My own babbling brook

Amongst an elevator song 

Playing between university floors 

While I sit


The vending machine hums louder still 

Around my babbling brook

Hiding away in the ceiling or walls 

I do not know 


There might be a serious water leak in this building 

That prompted my babbling brook to find me 

On the fifth floor 



Where she started her dripping

pouring over the mossy rocks 

the tired roots 

and willing saplings in my mind 


My own babbling brook 

Escaped from my childhood memories maybe 

to break through the city’s restlessness

To find me here 

Amongst the noise 

To bring me home

Tayllor johnson

Tayllor Johnson is an artist, performer, educator, and founder of Sisterhood(verb), Inc. A published poet, she has been writing and performing her poetry and plays for over ten years. She is committed to using art to voice unspoken truths and guide people to discover and define their liberation. At Mount Holyoke College, where Tayllor received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she began the journey of defining sisterhood and its importance in her life. Pursuing her master’s degree, at the Center for Experimental Humanities at New York University, allowed her to expand on the intersectionality of community and arts integration in education, which led to her officializing her business, Sisterhood(verb), Inc., in 2020. Sisterhood(verb) Inc. is an innovative education consulting business, dedicated to curating safe spaces for Black women, women of color, and youth to be themselves, find themselves, and celebrate themselves through arts integration, community, education, creativity, and wellness. Since starting her business, Tayllor has been able to work with various educational communities and fully emerge in the holistic journey that is growing in entrepreneurship.

Photo by Leon J. Davenport

water is rising & emergency meditation

tayllor johnson