Abigail Kaminski


Abigail Kaminski




A simple phrase that represents


Power and brilliance,


Encompassing of strength and resilience


Yet associated with disgust and distrust,


And the need to remain silent


But why, 


Why must we stand down?


When we are the ones who have suffered


And been muffled by those with more power


From voting and earning enough to survive,


We have never backed out,


But instead used our voices to shout


For freedom


And even on that fateful day, 


When we lost the right to choose


When asked to give up the fight, 


We refused


For we are warriors


Glorious, victorious


And simply beautiful


So whenever I am asked


“What does the word ‘indestructible’ mean to you?”


I will always respond with a simple phrase


Yet possessive of so much power



Abigail Kaminski

Abigail Kaminski is a junior at Baldwin Senior High School located in Baldwin, New York. She is currently a writer for Good For Youth, a collective advocating for marginalized youth, as well as a member of the Youth Change Leader Collaborative, a collective dedicated to developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Photo (left) by Carli Lind, Photographer